The Dawn of the First Age

Entry #1


Today marks the dawn of the first age. A new frontier into the beginning of consciousness.

The Prīmaevus is the fundamental structure in all living beings (prīmus meaning "first", and aevum meaning "age"). In our research, we have uncovered the key condition for consciousness and life itself—Flux. The divine spark. Flux is the dynamistic source energy which flows through the Animus, or soul of every being— from the smallest single-cell Nanoarchaeum, to the complexities of our own consciousness.

I would like to pull down the veil at the beginning, and say I am just a humble vessel, a modest metaphysical gateway into the origins of consciousness. The work we’re doing is not for fame or glory, but to build this connection, for a true unity and understanding of the world that lies beyond.

More to come.